Chengdu Shuangliu Experimental Primary School Introduction

To the Southwest of Shuangliu International Airport sits Chengdu Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School. The school has 63 classes, with 2865 students and 209 staff.

Established in 1936, our school has upheld the principle "No one is to be neglected.", forming a core value system of "Respecting diversity, and bringing the best out of every student". We all believe in "helping all of our staff become expert in their profession and helping every child bloom like a flower."

Our school is equipped with quality infrastructure and equipment. It contains a 200-meter running track , standard sports field, modern library, relaxing lounge and book bar for teachers. It also has about 30 functional classrooms for music, PE, art, science and network. The encouraging learning environment and deep culture of the school provide a solid physical foundation and spiritual guidance for the sound development of the students.

Our school emphasizes traditional culture:Martial Arts ,calligraphy and traditional art. Our school has held numerous Martial Arts related activities. Students do Martial Arts exercises , our school sets specific courses on boxing, Martial Arts moves, broadsword play, swordsmanship and spear, and trained groups of students. In recent years, our school has been listed as a School of Traditional Martial Arts Program. The school has two national level Martial Arts coaches. It has fostered many national Martial Arts athletes. Meanwhile, all the students and teachers practice calligraphy. Many of them have won prizes. The paper cutting art has also been popularized in the school, yielding many beautiful works of art.

In addition to the national cultural features, our school also attaches importance to Sichuan local characteristics. The school has a folk dancing group "Wild Boys", which performed in "Arts Contest for Teenagers from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China". They were invited to perform in the Austria Golden Hall during the "40th Anniversary of Establishing Diplomatic Ties between China and Austria".

Under the guidance of UNESCO, the S&W(Simple School & Micro-world) community administered by the students has cooperated with several social functioning departments. In doing so, they have provided platforms for students experience, enlarging their vision and cultivating their quality.

Till now we have had 2 sister schools abroad: Edgewood Magenet School in Connectcut State,America,Prince Royal’s Colleage in Chiang Mai,Thailand.And both schools participate in a teacher/ student exchange program.

With 80 years of development, Chengdu Shuangliu Experimental Primary School has earned an excellent reputation in Sichuan province and nationwide. With the brilliant sunrise, the school endeavors to help every flower bloom.

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