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The school has first class hardware equipment. The campus TV system, satellite ground receiving station, the establishment of the campus television station, equipped with a modern language lab, computer room, book reading room, piano room, multi-function room, modern educational technology information development center, a standard plastic sports field and football field.

In the mid-1980s, the experimental primary school took the lead in the implementation of the concept of "running school", established the "education-oriented, integrated development" advanced school of thought, take the road of scientific research, culture, The key - non-intellectual factors, starting in 1988, the subject form from the primary school students in the process of non-intellectual factors to start training, non-intellectual factors for special study. 20 years of adherence, the school will be non-intellectual factors from the student learning process research radiation, penetrate into the school management, teacher team building, moral education and other fields, and gradually formed

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