Everyone is responsible for garbage sorting

General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions for garbage classification work: cultivate good habits of garbage classification, make efforts to improve living environment, and make contributions to green and sustainable development.

As a new era of real young, we should be more active action, start from the self, care for the environment, protect the earth. In order to make all the Young Pioneers further realize the importance of garbage classification and cultivate students' awareness of protecting the environment, the squadrons of Shuangliu Experimental Primary School gave full play to the position role of Young Pioneers and carried out the theme activity of "garbage classification, you and I are responsible" in class meetings and team meetings. In this activity, teachers and children introduced various signs of garbage classification in detail, such as: recyclable garbage, non-recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, harmful garbage, etc., and discussed how to carry out garbage classification. The volunteers of "garbage sorting team" introduced the importance of garbage sorting to the students, and made the students know more about garbage sorting through a question and answer game. In the theme activity, the students concentrated their attention, spoke enthusiastically and actively participated in the activity. They not only increased their knowledge, but also learned the correct classification method and understood the value and significance of garbage classification and reuse.

Of course, the real small young pioneers are not only stop here, we know the importance of "learning to apply, knowledge and action". After the theme class meeting and team meeting, the students of the garbage sorting volunteer team set out to Xincheng Park, turning the garbage sorting knowledge they had learned into their own practice and expressing their love for their hometown with their labor achievements. The implementation of this practice activity themed "Garbage Classification: Your Responsibility" not only raised the awareness of environmental protection of all teachers and students, but also made everyone understand more deeply that we are not only the manufacturer of garbage, but also the practitioner of garbage classification and the propagandiser of garbage recycling. Garbage classification, start from me; Protect the environment, start from now!

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