Mid-Autumn Festival

The kids of Shuangliu Experimental Primary School have a meaningful and delicious time with their teachers and buddies. Let's have a look together.

Coloured drawing for Festival

During the happy time, students put on Chinese traditional costumes (Han fu), draw a bright moon, Rabbit and fairy Chang’ e. All these special elements let u be in the Chinese Fairy Tales ( Chang’ e flying to the moon and Wu Gang chopping the tree )

Tracing the source

What is the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival? What are the customs? Listen,The Ginkgo kids were introducing vividly.

The teachers also prepared relevant videos to let the Ginkgo kids learn the culture and customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival, like tasting seasonal fruits and moon cakes, admiring and worshipping the moon, reciting poems and making lanterns.

Accompanied by the traditional festival, Ginkgo kids are also immersed in the thick atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Aromas lingered in the mouth

Enjoying moon cakes is an indispensable custom in Mid-Autumn Festival .Our school has prepared a secret gift ,the delicious moon cakes for every Ginkgo kids.

How happy the students were when they got the moon cakes! Ginkgo kids feel the moon cakes are more delicious after understanding the culture and customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The smiling faces are showing the happiness of the festival .The most beautiful memories of the delicious moon cakes and the happiness of childhood will remain in every Ginkgo kids’ mind for a long time.

Gingko kids had an unforgettable and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival in school. We also wish the Chinese people all over the world be happy reunion.

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