Let Art Plug in the Wings of Science

With the last astronomical phenomena "golden ring solar eclipse" in 2019, the students are happy to welcome the opening ceremony of their science and technology festival. The school adheres to the principle of full participation under the school running concept of "no one less", systematically designs the course of "scientific innovation and invention", establishes scientific knowledge and develops rich school-based courses based on the national science course such as "little Newtons", "little robots", "maker course", "STAEM" “3D” printing course. The cultivation of students’ scientific literacy has achieved rich results. The theme of this Science and Technology Festival is "I Dazzle My Brilliance", which leads students to enter science, experience science, comprehend science, and improve their awareness of loving science, learning science and making full use of science. During this Science and Technology Festival ,the school has also set up rich and interesting scientific experiments to make every student experience the fun brought by science and technology. Let's go to the opening ceremony of the Science and Technology Festival and have a look!

科技节 学生主持

"Science enlightens wisdom, science leads the future..." Dear President Zhu said and wished the Science and Technology Festival a great success.

科技节 祝校讲话

What are the eye-catching programs at the opening ceremony? Look, a scientist in an experimental suit and silver hair slowly stepped onto the stage. It turned out that the teacher had brought a new scientific show -- ice and fire.

科技节 冰火

Teacher Fu took out the intact balloons and gave them to the students present, and decrypted why the boxes could hold so many balloons. Science show ignited the enthusiasm of children in winter and laid the seeds of hope for the cultivation of children's innovation.

After enjoying the charm of science, the students also brought the performance of literature and art: Taiwan nursery rhyme "Moonlight of the Moon", four hand joint play - " Drizzle in Xianglun", clarinet joint play "Big Fish", "Hope for a Long Time" and "My Country and I" .

Art is the wing of imagination for science, and science provides innovation and vitality for art! This is the most unique place of Science and Technology Festival of Shuangliu Experimental Primary School!

科技节 节目1

科技节 节目2

科技节 节目3

Then, six students stand out in the "Little Scientific Talents" recruitment activity, recording their interesting experiments into micro lessons, showing the demeanor of themseves!

Finally,President Zhu announces the official start of the Science and Technology Festival!

Let's look forward to the interesting tests and excellent performance of our children!


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