I can I Show -- remember shuangliu district experimental primary school grade 1-3 English happy adventure tour activities

I can I Show -- remember shuangliu district experimental primary school grade 1-3 English happy adventure tour activities

The sky is green, the water is blue, the little friends are holding hands to get through.Ah, ah,we're happy!


The children have been looking forward to a long time through the activities, opened on Christmas day. At the early stage of the activity, the children are already ready with the help of teachers and parents. They weared vivid headgear, held realistic props .They were ready to go on the stage in a quiet and orderly line.

First of all, came to the first floor of the building, that is, the first grade through the site.Just into the scene was a cute panda, a smart monkey, a different shape of birds, a lively and lovely dog, a gentle cute cat. Before we break the barrier, shape first.The strange children for the tension of the scene brought a lot of pleasure.This is my grandpa...


Then we came to the second floor. The second grade children were fully prepared, headdress, props everything. They worked in groups and helped each other willing to show.They have standard pronunciation, fluent spoken language, and perform text book plays with children's songs . They are confident and fearless.


Finally, let's go to the fourth floor of yizhen building, where the children of grade three are performing. Look, a child wearing a rabbit headdress is squatting on the ground to "nibble" carrots, the mouth also kept satisfying the way "It's so delicious. I like It. Ha Ha!". Listen, "touch", I saw a student wearing Sam headdress "inverted", all kinds of toys and stationery scattered on the ground, wearing Ms Smart headdress students timely appeared and said "You can't bring the toy dog to school. You can't bring the toy ball to shool."


In this many inadvertently, grade 1-3 children have successfully entered the pass, they are scrambling to leave their best moments in front of the happy entry board, showing our students "sunshine, courage, self-confidence, cooperation" spirit.

From the children's pure and happy smiling faces, we can see that they have fallen in love with such testing activities. They are positive good children. They love school, love learning. What a happy student of our school! Believe in this moment, children harvest not only success, but also accompanied by the courage and confidence.I show "leda" English has been planted in the hearts of children, take root, sprout, but also out of a blossoming flowers, I believe in the near future will grow into a towering tree.


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