Parents Open Day

Suhomlinski once said that the effect of education depends on the consistency of the school and the family. Without this consistency, the teaching and education of the school will collapse like a house made of paper. Therefore, school education and family education need to complement each other, and it is particularly important to strengthen the communication between them. Based on this understanding, Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School held this semester “Parents Open Day” in the autumn days. During day,all 67 classes were involved in the school.

On the morning of October 10, invited parents from all classes entered the campus.

Parents open day started from the morning reading.

Students are confident to talk about the history, the books that they have read and the story around them as little masters on the stage.

Every teacher is attractive in class because all of them are equipped with professional knowledge and advanced teaching concept.

Through the various teaching experience activities organized by teachers, parents heard the voices of children growing up in the happy classroom of “independence, cooperation, and inquiry”.

After the visit, parents learned from the introduction of the Principal Mao Feng Ming and principal Fu Bing that all the operating procedures of the school canteen are operated and managed in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the Food and Drug Administration.

Through this activity, parents experienced the children's school life, witnessed the hard work of the teacher, and witnessed the child's happy growth. A parent expressed heartfelt emotion in the questionnaire,” I hope that the modern education and teaching management concept of Shuangliu Experimental Primary School can continue to be passed down for the benefit of more children.”

Modern education is not an isolated, closed process, but an open, realistic, and comprehensive social activity.

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