Knowledge Construction Opens Up the Future of Classroom Reform——The first teaching and research record of the future classroom change team in Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School

Knowledge Construction Opens Up the Future of Classroom Reform——The first teaching and research record of the future classroom change team in Shuangliu Experimental Primary School

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After the baptism of the spring rain, the Shuangliu Small Campus was particularly refreshing and quiet. On the morning of March 16th, 兴发187首页注册 , the first classroom teaching and research of the Future Classroom Reform Team in Chengdu Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School was conducted in the active participation of everyone. The event was chaired by President Fu Bing. Chengdu City's future school guidance expert and Dr. Chen Jingping, professor of education technology at the State University of New York, USA, came to our school to provide professional guidance on future changes in the school.


First of all, President Fu Bing introduced Dr. Chen one by one to the members of the change team. Everyone is familiar with each other for long-term guidance and communication. The reform team is mainly composed of teachers outside the second and third grade. It is worth moving that although everyone has a busy schedule and even persists with illness, the enthusiasm for learning is undiminished.


Immediately afterwards, Dr. Chen brought us a lecture entitled “Development of Teacher TPACK under Knowledge Construction Theory”. TK stands for technical knowledge, PK stands for teaching knowledge, and CK stands for subject knowledge. Dr. Chen has just started to show the three structures. Everyone was puzzled. However, when Dr. Chen later analyzed them one by one and combined analysis of the two and combined analysis of the three, she stressed that in the future schools, technology and education cannot be simply superimposed, but they must find effective ways to subvert the traditional education model. Through Dr. Chen's stratification and review of the structure diagram, we can clearly understand the framework and have the framework as a standard. As a reference, we can find out what deficiencies exist in the future classroom reform and improve it. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Chen provided us with a new mode of thinking. Let everyone think from her perspective and think about the reasons why she talked about the topic today. Only by jumping out of her own thinking circle can we understand the entire future classroom changes from multiple perspectives. The framework of the work. Dr. Chen used his own experience to tell everyone the importance of introspection. Only by truly recognizing what kind of insufficiency he has, can he prescribe the right medicine, clarify which deficiencies he can make up for, and which deficiencies require the entire team to work together.


In the discussion and communication session, teacher Wang Chenyuan began to think: What is the future school? Where is our direction? Director Yan listened to lectures and combined with the school's 2+X development plan, pointed out that the most important battlefield for the integration of classroom technology, teaching, and disciplines in the future is still the classroom. It is recommended that future school assessment scales be used to measure the effectiveness of the reforms and analyze whether the reforms will be implemented in reverse. Solid and effective.

The best combination of technology-teaching-discipline and the realization of learning value is the direction we continue to explore and advance. It is believed that under the care and guidance of many experts and leaders, Shuangliu Reality is brave enough to try and break through innovation. It will continue to work hard to build a future school and create happiness education! For the development of students, Shuangliu Shi Xiao has been on the road

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